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  • Rainfall Over the Past Two Weeks Saturates RGTIP Site

    April 21, 2017

    For the RGTIP, the rainfall over the past two weeks has saturated the construction site to such an extent that construction had to be postponed until the weather clears up and the site dries out. Offsite however, Marin Transit and construction crews were still hard at work. Steel fabrication for bus shelters and railings continued steadily. And with mostly sunny days on the forecast, on-site construction is expected to resume next week.

  • Crews Prepare Underground Drainage and Utilities

    April 07, 2017

    While the warm sunny days beckoned the beginning of Spring, we have also seen several days of rain. As a result, construction has been moderately impacted. Nevertheless, the construction crews have been hard at work, ensuring construction efforts continue as planned. All parties involved agree that construction of the new bus stop and shelter is progressing nicely.

  • Demolition Completes and Construction Advances

    March 24, 2017

    Over the last two weeks, crews completed excavating the median property and hauling away tons of debris. The contractor initiated the next phase of the project that calls for grading the ground and marking the site for underground utilities and drainage.

  • Ongoing Median Construction Through July 2017

    March 10, 2017

    The demolition continued on-schedule this week. The contractor removed posts bearing an older version of Golden Gate Transit�s logo for safekeeping, before taking down the existing bus shelters. With the bus stops out of the median, heavy machinery cut through the concrete and remaining foundation.

  • Bus Stops Move and Median Construction Begins 3/3

    March 03, 2017

    The mid-block crossings from the curbs to the median are closed until completion of construction. Currently, pedestrians are advised to use the crosswalks on Grant Ave and De Long Ave to cross Redwood Blvd.

  • Bus Operations Move to Curbside Stops 3/1

    February 24, 2017

    Next week, bus operations will move from the center median to temporary curbside stops the morning of Wednesday, March 1st.

  • Tree Removal Completes 2/17

    February 17, 2017

    This week, under the oversight of the consulting arborist, trees designated for removal were safely taken out by Conservation Corps North Bay, who is pleased to partner with Marin Transit on this transit improvement project.

  • Tree Protection Complete, Removal Begins 2/13

    February 10, 2017

    This week, in spite of the strong rain, the contractor initiated site preparation work and installed protective fencing around trees that will be retained. The consulting arborist reviewed the contractor�s tree protection measures to make sure the work met the standards outlined in the Tree Protection Plan.

  • Work Begins for RGTIP

    February 3, 2017

    The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project (RGTIP) is a 6 month construction project to improve safety and operations at a bus facility in the City of Novato.

  • RGTIP Site Preparation to Begin

    January 25, 2017

    The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project will begin site preparation Monday, January 30th.

  • Construction Contractor Selected

    November 21, 2016

    Thompson Builders have been selected and confirmed by Board decision for the demolition of existing facilities and construction of RGTIP. Construction is planned to begin in late January 2017.

  • Tree Removal Contractor Selected

    November 21, 2016

    Conservation Corps North Bay has been selected and confirmed by Board decision for the tree removal portion of RGTIP.

Upgrading Our Transit Future

Project Overview

The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project (RGTIP) is a safety and operations-improving upgrade project to a bus facility in the City of Novato. Located on Redwood Boulevard between Grant Avenue and De Long Avenue, this gateway to downtown Novato is important for access to public transit throughout Marin County and the entire Bay Area.


RGTIP is a significant upgrade to the existing bus shelters, improving the safety and accessibility for riders and buses with no increased impact upon existing traffic lanes. Pedestrians and bicyclists will also see safer access to and through the facility with a signalized crosswalk. This bus facility provides access to and from downtown Novato to transit riders who utilize Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit buses to go about their lives.


**Subject to change, based on weather

Site Preparation: February 6-17

Comprehensive and careful site preparation is the first step of the RGTIP project and will be conducted under the guidance of HortScience, the certified arborist. All tree protection efforts are conducted in accordance with the Tree Protection Plan including the following:

  • Tree protection measures (fencing and barriers) installed
  • Controlled tree removal

Tree removal activity will require temporary lane closures and traffic redirection. Bus riders, local residents and nearby businesses are notified of the upcoming construction project.

Temporary Bus Stop Construction: February 20 -28

Bus stops currently located in the center of Redwood Blvd. will need to be relocated to temporary northbound and southbound curbside stops on Redwood Blvd. Tasks to prepare for curbside operation include:

  • Temporary signage installation
  • Demolition of curbs, gutters and sidewalks
  • Installation of temporary curbs and pavement
  • Bike rack installation

Temporary signs will be posted to alert riders of upcoming bus stop relocations. Email, news and other alerts will notify other project stakeholders

Median Site Work: March 1 � July 1

During this phase, existing bus shelters and curbs in the median will be removed and replaced with a single platform and shelter. Tasks include:

  • Installation of temporary fencing
  • Closing median crosswalk
  • Realignment of traffic lane
  • Demolishing existing bus shelters and curbs
  • Installing new bus shelter/canopy, benches & lighting

Pedestrians will be advised of mid-block median crossing closure and routed to use alternative crosswalks

Site Completion: March 1 � July 15

In this final phase, components are put into place to finish the project including:

  • Utilities
  • Pave and stripe roadway
  • Pedestrian and bus signals
  • Barrier rails
  • Irrigation and landscape planting

Center Island becomes available for driver training & testing. New signage and other information will alert riders of plans to re-open the median facility.

Activate New Facility: August

Following the site completion work, bus routes will return to operating within the new median. Curbside sidewalks will be restored.

Facility maintenance will be turned over to the City of Novato.

Agency Partners

Marin Transit, in cooperation with the Transportation Authority of Marin, City of Novato, and Golden Gate Transit are beginning construction of the Redwood and Grant Transit Improvements.

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