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Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project

Rainfall Over the Past Two Weeks Saturates RGTIP Site

  • Muir Beach Hiking Trail

April 21, 2017

Recent Happenings

It is no secret that this year's rainfall has brought relief to California residents and reservoirs. In fact, the rainfall in the sierras has broken the previous record set in 1982-83 as the wettest year on record, since recording first began in 1922.

For the RGTIP, the rainfall over the past two weeks has saturated the construction site to such an extent that construction had to be postponed until the weather clears up and the site dries out.

Offsite however, Marin Transit and construction crews were still hard at work. Steel fabrication for bus shelters and railings continued steadily. And with mostly sunny days on the forecast, on-site construction is expected to resume next week.

In light of minimal on-site activity, we would like to use this opportunity to highlight Marin Transit's services. It won't be long before the new and safer Redwood and Grant project is completed. And in the meantime, why not consider taking Marin Transit on your next trip?

Whether it's across town or outside the county, Marin Transit can get you and your loved ones where you need to go without the hassle of driving. In this update, as well as the upcoming ones, you'll find information on convenient, safe and greener ways to journey to a number of destinations.

Visiting Muir Woods

Looking for an easy way to enjoy majestic Muir Woods National Monument without the hassles of long waits for limited parking areas?

Whether it's an educational trip with children, a must-see stop for friends and family visiting from out of town or simply an urge to connect with nature through the ancient redwood giants, Muir Woods is a treasure of Marin County.

Why not try taking Marin Transit to the park?

You'll be out walking under the beautiful redwood trees in no time, when you take the Muir Woods Shuttle. Route 66/66F operates seasonally and picks up at the Pohono Park & Ride lot, Marin City, as well as the Sausalito Ferry. From these locations, Marin Transit will take you right up to the park entrance at the Muir Woods Visitor Center.

Want to avoid the crowds? Take Route 61 and hike a trail down from Panoramic Highway. Get off at Bayview Drive and take the Dipsea Trail to the Visitor Center, or if you like you can hike through Mt. Tam State Park from stops at the Pantoll Ranger Station or Mountain Home Inn.

Temporary Bus Stop Locations

Coast Redwoods of Muir Woods

Enjoy the Sun in Bolinas and Stinson Beach

With sunny days on the horizon and summer just around the corner, you may be planning to take advantage of the weather and head out to Stinson Beach or Bolinas.

Connect with nature at Audubon Canyon Ranch, a great destination for hiking and bird watching, or grab your sunscreen and beach towel and head to Stinson Beach for sunshine and relaxation.

Beat the crowds and traffic by taking the Marin Transit West Marin Stagecoach South Route 61. It will drop you off in downtown Bolinas, Stinson Beach, or anywhere in between-just ask your driver!

Service for the Stagecoach runs daily, with additional service provided on weekends and holidays. Day passes work all day too! You can start in Bolinas at Bolinas Beach, before taking the stagecoach up to Stinson and then returning to the San Rafael Transit Center in the evening.

Temporary Bus Stop Locations

Bluffs Overlooking Stinson Beach

Update-to-Date Ride Information

You can use your mobile phone or PDA to access the real-time information in a mobile-friendly format while you're on the go. Visit from your mobile phone or iPhone to be automatically redirected to the mobile site. You can use the mobile site to access arrival predictions, see live bus maps and look up stop numbers. Or you can call (415) 237-0070 to hear arrival information spoken to you.

Stay informed on all the ways Marin Transit can get you to where you need to be by visiting our website and subscribing to our newsletter.


The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project (RGTIP) is a six-month construction project to improve safety and operations at the Novato bus stop located on Redwood Boulevard between Grant Avenue and De Long Avenue. This downtown gateway is important for access to public transit throughout Marin County and the entire Bay Area. The planned enhancements will make the facility safer and more efficient for riders, drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and buses. Construction started the second week of February 2017 and will continue through July 2017. Please note that all construction schedules are subject to change due to weather restrictions and other unforeseen delays.

Public Safety

During this phase of construction, it is recommended that motorists:

  • Be aware that the restriping of the lanes may lengthen the time it takes to make a left turn onto Grant Ave from
    Redwood Blvd.
  • Drive slower through the construction zone between Grant Avenue and De Long Avenue.
  • Be on the lookout for temporary lane closures, pedestrians and traffic redirection.
  • Avoid stopping or parking in the bus only lanes.

Pedestrians are cautioned to safely use crosswalks on Redwood Boulevard and not to cross midblock.

Once again, please be mindful that much of the street parking on Redwood Blvd has been converted into temporary bus lanes for the time being. Stopping or parking in the temporary bus stops is prohibited and could result in a ticket and fine.

Temporary Bus Stop Locations

Parking at curbside stops is prohibited

Marin County Transit District and construction management staff are making every effort to limit any potential impact during construction and are working with the City of Novato and bus operators to notify bus riders, local businesses and residents of the planned work.

Stay Informed

During this phase of the RGTIP, weekly updates will shift to bi-weekly updates (once every two weeks). Once construction is nearing completion, project updates will resume the weekly schedule.

For the latest project information, please visit the project website:

For further up-to-date information, follow Marin Transit on Twitter and Facebook.

More Info

For Board Reports, Plans, Presentations, and more RGTIP Project Documents, click here.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Please contact Marin Transit by email at or by phone at (415) 226-0855.