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Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project

The RGTIP Moves Closer to Completion

  • Installing Ipe wood soffit

  • Reinforcing steel for bus lanes

  • Early morning crews ensure an even pour for bus lanes

  • Concrete is leveled and left to cure

  • Crews Leveling Concrete for ADA Compliant Pedestrian Access

  • Signal Pole and ADA Compliant Pedestrian Access Nears Completion

  • Project Moving Closer to the Finish Line

August 11, 2017

Latest Developments

The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project (RGTIP) is progressing smoothly and moving closer to completion on a daily basis. Significant progress has been made in installing the Ipe wood to the underside of the canopy, which will serve as a safe and beautiful public bus shelter for many years to come.

Work crews have poured the concrete for the platform and busway closest to southbound side Redwood Boulevard. Rebar is in place for the remaining road areas, which are to be filled and leveled in the coming days.

As the project nears completion, crews work hard to level and stabilize the roadway slabs to ensure a long-lasting pavement surface that will hold up to frequent bus traffic.

The ADA ramps within the median are in final stages of completion. The new facility was designed to make pedestrian access to buses more convenient and also improve pedestrian safety. When finished, the crosswalk will offer added safety enhancement elements such as include a mid-block traffic signal in both directions and a pedestrian path of travel that force pedestrians to turn in the direction of vehicular travel.

As the facility nears completion, the transit operators have begun with the plans for moving buses from the temporary curb stops on either side of Redwood Boulevard back into the median. The construction team is doing its very best to stay on schedule and ensure the project is ready for a Ribbon Cutting Celebration currently scheduled for September 6th at 10:00 am. Watch for the next update featuring more details about the celebration and the grand opening of the newly constructed facility.


The Redwood and Grant Transit Improvement Project (RGTIP) is a six-month construction project to improve safety and operations at the Novato bus stop located on Redwood Boulevard between Grant Avenue and De Long Avenue. This downtown gateway is important for access to public transit throughout Marin County and the entire Bay Area. The planned enhancements will make the facility safer and more efficient for riders, drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and buses. Construction started the second week of February 2017 and will continue through July 2017. Please note that all construction schedules are subject to change due to weather restrictions and other unforeseen delays.

Public Safety

During this phase of construction, it is recommended that motorists:

  • Be aware that the restriping of the lanes may lengthen the time it takes to make a left turn onto Grant Ave from Redwood Blvd.
  • Drive slower through the construction zone between Grant Avenue and De Long Avenue.
  • Be on the lookout for temporary lane closures, pedestrians and traffic redirection.
  • Avoid stopping or parking in the bus only lanes.

Pedestrians are cautioned to safely use crosswalks on Redwood Boulevard and not to cross midblock.

Once again, please be mindful that much of the street parking on Redwood Blvd has been converted into temporary bus lanes for the time being. Stopping or parking in the temporary bus stops is prohibited and could result in a ticket and fine.

Temporary Bus Stop Locations

Parking at curbside stops is prohibited

Marin County Transit District and construction management staff are making every effort to limit any potential impact during construction and are working with the City of Novato and bus operators to notify bus riders, local businesses and residents of the planned work.

Stay Informed

During this phase of the RGTIP, weekly updates will shift to bi-weekly updates (once every two weeks). Once construction is nearing completion, project updates will resume the weekly schedule.

For the latest project information, please visit the project website:

For further up-to-date information, follow Marin Transit on Twitter and Facebook.

More Info

For Board Reports, Plans, Presentations, and more RGTIP Project Documents, click here.

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